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Owners and Sale Agreements 

Owners and Sale Agreements

The management of the sale agreements starts with the owner and/or purchaser information, with a dedicated form where you store the personal data and you can add many customizable information, to create a full searchable and indexable list of owners.
You can manage single and multiple Family grave purchases.
The contract form includes the information needed for the complete management of the burial plot selling, proposing all the possible fields that can be customized on the base of the cemetery structure.
The Sale Agreement sheet includes a set of additional fields to register, classify or identify the document based on the user/company/municipal needs.
Owners and Sale Agreements
After the saving of a contract you can add the fees relative to the selling and optional services.
You can manage also donations or special fees dedicated to a particolar kind of deceased (for example Veterans).
The fees can be easily added or updated with the dedicated form.
Finally you can print the document using the reporting functions.
The printout of the Contract and Invoice is based on templates written with Microsoft Word / Open Office / Libre Office or any other software that can generate RTF files.
The software installs a set of predefined templates, that can be modified directly with the integrated editor and previewed before the final update.
The final document can be exported in PDF, RTF or HTML format.

Sale Agreement Video
Integrated Editor


The archive of owners / purchasers can be connected with an external database (for example with the Civil Registry Management Software) to make easier the sharing of the information between different systems.

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